When I was very young, ten or eleven I think, my Grandpa built me a dollhouse. It was one of my favorite toys growing up, and though I didn’t always take care of it, when it came time to clean my room of childhood things, it was one of the only toys I chose to store rather than donate.

It lived in my parents shed for years, and then last year they offered to bring it down to me since I finally have a little bit of space for it. Unfortunately, it has been trashed. Twelve or thirteen years living in a shed made it the ideal home for who knows how many generations of mice. Needless to say, mice are not good houseguests. They trashed it. Despite the fact that it’s “just” a dollhouse, I was devastated, and I promised myself and my Grandpa (who is now dead, but still with me in my heart) that I would refurbish it and fix it up for display.

Well, I’ve been busy, but I’ve decided I’m going to finally start doing it. It may take me a really long time, but I already started. I’ve already got all the destroyed carpet out of the bottom floor and half out of the middle floor. Also removed the staircase for cleaning and a repaint (or perhaps I’ll carpet it). Still have a LOT of work to do. Here are some photos of the dollhouse in it’s current state:

The entire inside:

The outside:

What’s left of the grass:

The attic, fortunately untouched by mice due to lack of staircase:

The child’s bedroom:




Dining room:

Living room:

So as you can see, the place is in pretty bad condition. If it were a real house, it would probably be condemned. Either way, my first step was to tear out the carpet (which I am still doing), but in the meantime, I am also working on new floors.

I decided to put wood floors in the lower level, so with several packages of Skinny Sticks (purchased at Wal-Mart at about $2 apiece), I began laying out a floor for the dining room first. It’s now sanded and finished:

I’ve also begun laying the floor for the kitchen area:

Once I’ve glued the room floors into place I’ll have to do some creative connecting with wood filler, probably, but so far I’m liking my progress. We’ll see how this goes. I definitely want to get the floors and the walls, as well as the other interior things (like windows) fixed and polished before I start working on furniture and other accessories, which I will do one room at a time. 🙂