I feel like I’ve been possessed. It seems like all my crafting brain cells want to focus on this project. I’ve given myself time to work on it, though other stuff has priority right now (mostly sewing stuff), but over the last few days I’ve managed to finish the living room and dining room floors, and also acquired several materials and pieces/parts to keep going, including three dining chairs. Hobby Lobby only had three, I’ll have to track down another one later for a total of four:

The chairs also got me to thinking about what sort of dining table I’d have if this were my house. The answer was a modern rustic plank table. I decided then and there that all the wood furniture would be stained to match the floors. So I assembled a table out of balsa wood and a square dowel rod for the legs. I used a pen to “carve” the planks by grooving them into the soft surface with a ruler.

Then I stained it:

(At this point I’d forgotten that I promised myself I’d redo the interior before making furniture, but hey…inspiration strikes where it strikes.)

I also made four little round tables with nifty spindle-legs I found at the hobby store. Two tables for either side of the couch and two for bedside tables. Not sure yet if they’ll be bedside tables in the master bedroom or the kiddo’s bedroom, we shall see what happens down the road.

See how awesome they look with the floor? The floor may be my favorite part of this entire project, by the way.

And then I made a MASSIVE three day mistake! >< I spent three evenings in a row doing this:

This is the wood floor for the kitchen area, which I created COMPLETELY BACKWARDS! UGH! I did not think to check my pattern before I started…or at any point during the process, so I toddled on my way, got done, went downstairs to make sure it fit and realized that no, no it does not. So now I have to redo that entire piece, which is, unfortunately, the largest room in the entire dollhouse.

My husband’s response was “There’s a lesson to be learned here”. I think it shows great strength of character that I didn’t bonk him upside the head.

In any case…I’m about to get started remaking that entire floor. Hopefully I can salvage some of the skinny sticks I used by violently ripping them from the paper they’re glued to. In the meantime…here’s the pinterest page I made where I’m saving all the tutorials I want to use for this project, and the things that give me ideas:

I have collected foam board and balsa and all sorts of other nifty things and my mind is -exploding- with inspiration. I seriously love this project. It’s got me thinking about eventually making miniature things to sell on etsy. Or at the very least doing tutorials of how to make stuff. Can’t wait to show you guys the entry table I’ve been working on, if it turns out well. 🙂