I haven’t really made any further progress on the dollhouse since my last post, but I wanted to update anyway because I have discovered what is probably the coolest, happiest place in my area that I will ever, ever find.

So, I went yesterday morning to venture out to Hobby Lobby and look at staircases for the dollhouse. I was going to size-compare it to the one I yanked out so I could see what the same size would cost. (That wouldn’t have worked, as I forgot the old one at home, but I digress.) On my way there, I stopped into a place called U.S. Toys (I think) because I thought they might have a wider selection than Hobby Lobby does.

The nice sales associate (who I am deeply convinced has no idea just how much of an enabler he really is) told me they really don’t carry much of anything, “But have you heard of that dollhouse store over on Colorado Blvd?”.


He told me it was called “Dollhouse something” or “Something dollhouse”. Intrigued, I wandered to my car and put “dollhouse” into a map search. That’s when I discovered a place 2.2 miles from my current location called Norm’s Dollhouse and Miniatures (Or Norm’s Dollhouse Inc).

I will never. Be. The same, you guys.

When I wandered in, I literally could have cried. This charming little store has basically -everything- someone like me might ever want or need to build or refinish a dollhouse. From wood to accessories to pieces and parts, flooring and wallpaper, tiny bricks, garden foliage and so much more…. I was astonished. I had NO IDEA that such a place existed, not only in my state but literally less than ten minutes from my house.

I am in so much effing trouble.

Here’s their website, if you’re curious.


I will definitely be going back, and have already begun making a rather extensive list of things I will need for the next step of my project. The lady there (I didn’t catch her name, sadly) was so very nice and friendly! She showed me things I wouldn’t have found, probably, and even threatened to blog-stalk me (hi, nice saleslady!). I can’t even tell you how enthused I am about this discovery.

Talk about inspiration!