The first two floors of the dollhouse are sanded, primed for painting and windowless! This is a victory, considering the weekend I had. I am still working on prying up the carpet from the attic, which I’m pretty sure is glued on with MAGIC, but it’s about half clear. Once that’s done, I’ll sand it down. As it stands, the dollhouse is currently roofless, and nearly completely gutted. The next step is to rip off the green carpet used as grass, and ready that area for the garden I intend to put in. I also think I’ll be removing the roof from over the patio and instead making it an open deck with wooden railing.

I picked up some thin bass wood today to begin creating the moulding and the trim. I haven’t decided on a design yet. I have decided though that the moulding and the upper trim (or other moulding) will be white, and the walls will be dark blue. I am trying to tie that theme into the furniture, as well.

I’m realizing this is going to be a very expensive project. I guess that’s why it’s going to take me so long. Among other things that are keeping me busy. Still, it’s a fun creative outlet.